Marketing image-webEconomic Development Results, LLC is a partnership of veteran economic development professionals experienced in delivering on-time, on-budget results.

The EDR team is a ready-made economic development staff with experience in the programs and projects that matter most to cities and counties in California.

We provide hands-on, results-oriented delivery mechanisms for economic development programs and projects.

We have decades of combined economic development experience with a successful track record of business retention, job creation and revenue generation.


Today, cities and counties face enormous budgetary challenges in an altered regulatory environment. Cities and counties are facing a significant decline in revenues (property and sales tax drops, reduced transfers from the State) and staggering increases in costs (staff, pensions, healthcare costs, etc.).

In addition, the elimination of redevelopment had eliminated both the financing AND legal mechanism to generate economic development for municipalities.

But economic development is more critical than ever before. A healthy and growing local economy is crucial for every city, county and region in California to survive – and thrive.

Economic development is the engine for success in our municipalities.

Economic development generates revenues for vital services such as public safety, libraries, parks and infrastructure.

Economic development creates jobs, builds new businesses and provides opportunities for business expansion.

Economic development provides the foundation for healthier, safer and more economically sustainable communities.

To ensure their communities are healthy and thriving, cities and counties and regions must continue to invest in economic development.

It’s not a question of whether to invest in economic development – it’s a question of how BEST to invest in economic development.